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 Registered in April 2018 WAM DAA was created as we want to achieve a  Dementia-Friendly community. As it was recognised 1500 people were known to the dementia register in RBWM, we know the population is around 148,800, so we recognised the need that so many people may benefit from a dementia friendly community. Our aim to encourage awareness of dementia to allow people a better understanding of this horrible disease.  By making small changes to the community by making it more inclusive, individuals living with dementia feel more encouraged to remain independent and enjoy all aspects of their lives and help them to live well dementia.

Members of WAMDAA will commit actions and work within the local and national policies to improve services. Organisations such as, banks, pharmacies, fire services, public sectors and dementia charities (and many more) will work together to consider the needs of those living with dementia and their carers. They will do this by applying changes if necessary to building environments, facilities, signage and ensuring all staff have an awareness of dementia. This will reduce the stigma and fear around this condition and ensure they feel welcome and safe when using the local community facilities to enable them to live well and independently in the community for as long as possible.


Our first meeting in 2018

A dementia friends session being delivered to library staff